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Slow Bale Buddy

Small mesh slow feeder, mimicks grazing, eliminates waste, calms nervous and aggressive horses, slows consumtion. Made of 100 knotless nylon netting with one and one half inch holes. The Slow Bale Buddy completely encloses the hay so that the horses must pull the hay through the netting to eat. It is availible in four sizes and will acommodate small and large square bales as well as round and...

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Round Bale Feeder

Save your hay. Save your money. BIG BALE BUDDY Round bale feeder. Keep your hay contained until your horses eat it. Safe, affordable, lightweight, effective. made of heavy duty, woven, breathable polypropylene with UV protection. 1 year replacement warranty. Available in 3 sizes. 89.95 - 109. 95 866-389-9952. email:

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Stop Horse Colic Before It Kills Your Horse!

Do you know the symptoms of horse colic? Horse colic can happen at anytime. Free ebook explains the symptoms and what to do in case your horse has an attack of colic Knowledge is Power, Save Your Horse from the Pain and Death of Colic Colic is the #1 Killer of Horses

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