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A Mail-Order Bride For Jim Liley! eBook A Mail-Order Bride For Jim Liley! eBook

A Mail-Order Bride For Jim Liley © 2013 by Raymond Cook is a 222 page eBook story about a miner in Marble, Colorado named Jim Liley who worked in a marble quarry and lost his sight in his left eye due to an injury. He decides to get a 160 acre ranch but doesn’t want to live there alone so he places a mail-order bride ad in an Illinois newspaper. Kristy Greenfield saw his ad in The Nauvoo...

Lodi CA
Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold! eBook Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold! eBook

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold © 2014 by Raymond Cook is a 288 page story about a long-time feud between two families outside Marble, Colorado in 1898. On one side were Frank Baker and his four grown sons, Jasper, Seth, Gerald and Bryant. Their neighbors Jess and Tamara Euland owned a cattle ranch beside a lake in a boxed end of a valley. Frank repeatedly offered Jess money if he could...

Lodi CA
A Promise Kept ~ $2.99 EBOOK ~ A Promise Kept ~ $2.99 EBOOK ~

In 1864 a young Irish immigrant disembarks at the harbor in New York. Broke and hungry, Michael is easily and immediately coerced into enlisting with the Union Army. The war is soon over and he finds himself still broke in a foreign country, and with no home to return to. He travels to Santa Fe where he meets a wealthy and prominent merchant who influences a change in Michaels plans. He remains...

Tombstone AZ
When The Hunted Becomes The Hunter! eBook When The Hunted Becomes The Hunter! eBook

When The Hunted Becomes The Hunter ©2014 by Raymond Cook is a 208 page story about people living in and around the small mining town of Marble, Colorado in 1899. The town was formed in 1881 and by 1899 the town had grown to over 400 people half of whom worked at The Yule Quarry just outside of town. But with more and more covered wagons of families arriving to stake their claim to 125 acres of...

Lodi CA
Lone Eagle Lone Eagle

A Good Old Fashion Western Romance Lone Eagle by Alfred Dennis Description: A great tale of romance, action and courage as the Lanes go west, facing many hardships as they search for the mighty warrior Lone Eagle. Identical twins, 3-year-old William and Phillip Lane, grandsons of General Horatio Lane are torn apart when their wagon train is attacked by...

Talihina OK
Unstoppable! eBook Unstoppable! eBook

“Unstoppable ” ©2013 by Raymond Cook is a 136 page eBook story about a 1,500 pound ferocious, cold blooded grizzly bear that terrorizes ranchers and towns within a forty mile range of its territory in 1898. When pioneer families crossed the plains they faced many dangers on their way out west. Starvation, lack of water, Indian attacks, cholera and small pox as well as the risk of their...

Lodi CA
Ride the Rough String Ride the Rough String

Western Author Alfred Dennis Releases Thirteenth Novel Riding the toughest bucking horse no one else can ride is bad enough, but then life's challenges confront and test him just as hard as the bronc. Find out how the story plays out in Alfred Dennis' new western novel, Ride the Rough String. As a prolific storyteller of the western frontier, Alfred Dennis once again delivers another...

Talihina OK
RANK by D.R. Graham RANK by D.R. Graham

The best bucking bulls are rank...and so are the cowboys who ride them. Cole grabbed my arm. "You don't need to do this. I got myself into this mess. I'll live with the consequences." I exhaled and slid Shae-Lynn's pink armband over my forearm. I kissed it, then did a prayer before climbing into the chute. "This isn't about you anymore. I got something to prove." Rodeo is all Billy...

- BC
A Journey Along The Oregon Trail! eBook

A Journey Along The Oregon Trail © 2015 by Raymond Cook is a 297 page story about Frank and Lisa Mead, a young couple in their twenties who lived in Columbia, Missouri in 1898. Frank was only twenty three years old when his father was kicked in the head by a horse in the livery stable and died. Frank tried to make a go of running his father’s livery stable but saw family after family buying a...

Lodi CA

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