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A Promise Kept ~ $1.99 EBOOK ~ A Promise Kept ~ $1.99 EBOOK ~

In 1864 a young Irish immigrant disembarks at the harbor in New York. Broke and hungry, Michael is easily and immediately coerced into enlisting with the Union Army. The war is soon over and he finds himself still broke in a foreign country, and with no home to return to. He travels to Santa Fe where he meets a wealthy and prominent merchant who influences a change in Michaels plans. He remains...

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APPEARANCES: Sixteen Short Western Stories APPEARANCES: Sixteen Short Western Stories

A sheriff tries to solve some robberies when the logical perpetrator has a perfect alibi. A stagecoach robber learns something about the wages of sin when he tries to kiss a nun. A drifter's past catches up to him with a startling revelation. A Texas Ranger tries to figure out how a man can be stabbed to death if he is alone in a stagecoach. These and twelve other Western stories will...

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TWISTED TRAILS: 18 Short Western Stories TWISTED TRAILS: 18 Short Western Stories

TWISTED TRAILS A Collection of 18 Western Short Stories by James J. Huble ISBN# 978-1-939345-04-2 Soft Bound - 162 pages The old Apache said, "You swim in river, stand up, clothes covered with gold." The young boy wanted to be like Jesse James and Black Bart. It was harder than he thought. Was Garza, the renegade Apache, too cunning for the young cavalry Lieutenant? How...

Tombstone AZ

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