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Pacific Crest Trail Adventure Pacific Crest Trail Adventure

'Dances With Marmots' Paperback 263 pages 24 images. ISBN:1411656180 14.75 plus shipping. Ebook 4.99 Inspiring story of a 2650 mile five month hike along the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Traveling up through the desert areas and snowbound High Sierra Nevada of California and the Cascade ranges of Oregon and Washington emerging in the Okanagan Forest of BC. Canada. An often...

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West to Bravo West to Bravo

“West to Bravo” is a post-Civil War cavalry tale much in the vein of the classic John Ford cavalry films with traditional western characters in an adventure-filled story put to the page and someday to the Big Screen With dozens of illustrations by cowboy artist & actor Al P. Bringas, the novel is a must read for traditional Western fans. It is due out in bookstores and online October 2014....

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Horses and their People - Stories and Poetry Horses and their People - Stories and Poetry

If you've ever giggled at "A Horse Running on Gas", reveled in "The Perfect Ride", or had a "Dream Fulfilled" by a horse, you'll relate to this celebration of Horses and Their People. The poems evoke tears of laughter and sadness, especially for horse owners recognizing their own personal memories of "Been there, done that." For non-horse owners, the poetry provides unconventional insights into...

Tombstone AZ
MURDERED on the streets of TOMBSTONE MURDERED on the streets of TOMBSTONE

Four men waited and four men walked…clearly a confrontation was coming. But what triggered the clash between these two groups? One side the Clanton brothers, Ike and Billy along with the McLaury brothers, Frank and Tom, local cattle ranchers in the Territory of Arizona, 1881. The other side, approaching with purpose, representatives of the law in Tombstone, Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan Earp...

Tombstone AZ
Orphan Boy by R. J. Milne, Jr. Orphan Boy by R. J. Milne, Jr.

I was shifted for several years among relatives, and, once, at around eight years old, was given to strangers who wanted me for chores. When I neared eleven years of age, one of my uncles put me on a train, alone, going far west---toward another uncle living in Montana. At twelve, I struck out on my own, working numerous farms and ranches, laboring hard from sunup until sundown. Jobs were...

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The Cochise County Cowboys; Who were these men? The Cochise County Cowboys; Who were these men?

Joyce Aros combines her considerable artistic skill with careful research plus a fair amount of intuition, thus giving us a new and refreshing look at a variety of Cochise County "cowboy" characters associated with stories about the Earps. Heretofore, the "cowboys" have been portrayed as gun-slinging, snaggle-toothed bad guys bent on destruction with no family history, morals, or redeeming...

Tombstone AZ
A Mail-Order Bride For Jim Liley! eBook A Mail-Order Bride For Jim Liley! eBook

A Mail-Order Bride For Jim Liley © 2013 by Raymond Cook is a 222 page eBook story about a miner in Marble, Colorado named Jim Liley who worked in a marble quarry and lost his sight in his left eye due to an injury. He decides to get a 160 acre ranch but doesn’t want to live there alone so he places a mail-order bride ad in an Illinois newspaper. Kristy Greenfield saw his ad in The Nauvoo...

Lodi CA
Authentic Cowboy Music - Home On The Range Authentic Cowboy Music - Home On The Range

30 minutes of cowboy, open range, western music - with a beat Just hit the link below for itunes, Spotify, Amazon and a few others: iTunes AmazonMP3 eMusic Spotify Rdio The CD may also be purchased for 9 (plus s&h - cash/check/paypal). ...

Sherman Oaks CA

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