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MURDERED on the streets of TOMBSTONE MURDERED on the streets of TOMBSTONE

Four men waited and four men walked…clearly a confrontation was coming. But what triggered the clash between these two groups? One side the Clanton brothers, Ike and Billy along with the McLaury brothers, Frank and Tom, local cattle ranchers in the Territory of Arizona, 1881. The other side, approaching with purpose, representatives of the law in Tombstone, Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan Earp...

Tombstone AZ
Orphan Boy by R. J. Milne, Jr. Orphan Boy by R. J. Milne, Jr.

I was shifted for several years among relatives, and, once, at around eight years old, was given to strangers who wanted me for chores. When I neared eleven years of age, one of my uncles put me on a train, alone, going far west---toward another uncle living in Montana. At twelve, I struck out on my own, working numerous farms and ranches, laboring hard from sunup until sundown. Jobs were...

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The Cochise County Cowboys; Who were these men? The Cochise County Cowboys; Who were these men?

Joyce Aros combines her considerable artistic skill with careful research plus a fair amount of intuition, thus giving us a new and refreshing look at a variety of Cochise County "cowboy" characters associated with stories about the Earps. Heretofore, the "cowboys" have been portrayed as gun-slinging, snaggle-toothed bad guys bent on destruction with no family history, morals, or redeeming...

Tombstone AZ
A Promise Kept ~ 99¢ EBOOK ~ A Promise Kept ~ 99¢ EBOOK ~

In 1864 a young Irish immigrant disembarks at the harbor in New York. Broke and hungry, Michael is easily and immediately coerced into enlisting with the Union Army. The war is soon over and he finds himself still broke in a foreign country, and with no home to return to. He travels to Santa Fe where he meets a wealthy and prominent merchant who influences a change in Michaels plans. He remains...

Tombstone AZ
Lone Eagle Lone Eagle

A Good Old Fashioned Western Romance Lone Eagle by Alfred Dennis Description: A great tale of romance, action and courage as the Lanes go west, facing many hardships as they search for the mighty warrior Lone Eagle. Identical twins, 3-year-old William and Phillip Lane, grandsons of General Horatio Lane are torn apart when their wagon train is...

Talihina OK
Ride the Rough String Ride the Rough String

Western Author Alfred Dennis Releases Thirteenth Novel Riding the toughest bucking horse no one else can ride is bad enough, but then life's challenges confront and test him just as hard as the bronc. Find out how the story plays out in Alfred Dennis' new western novel, Ride the Rough String. As a prolific storyteller of the western frontier, Alfred Dennis once again delivers another...

Talihina OK
APPEARANCES: Sixteen Short Western Stories APPEARANCES: Sixteen Short Western Stories

A sheriff tries to solve some robberies when the logical perpetrator has a perfect alibi. A stagecoach robber learns something about the wages of sin when he tries to kiss a nun. A drifter's past catches up to him with a startling revelation. A Texas Ranger tries to figure out how a man can be stabbed to death if he is alone in a stagecoach. These and twelve other Western stories will...

Tombstone AZ
TWISTED TRAILS: 18 Short Western Stories TWISTED TRAILS: 18 Short Western Stories

TWISTED TRAILS A Collection of 18 Western Short Stories by James J. Huble ISBN# 978-1-939345-04-2 Soft Bound - 162 pages The old Apache said, "You swim in river, stand up, clothes covered with gold." The young boy wanted to be like Jesse James and Black Bart. It was harder than he thought. Was Garza, the renegade Apache, too cunning for the young cavalry Lieutenant? How...

Tombstone AZ
Authentic Cowboy Music - Home On The Range Authentic Cowboy Music - Home On The Range

30 minutes of cowboy, open range, western music - with a beat Just hit the link below: 87805377078689896/posts The CD may also be purchased for 12 to your door. RE...

Sherman Oaks CA

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